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How a WWII submarine works (also a P51)


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The level of ingenuity and complexity of WWII ships and submarines really does amaze you when you take the time and think about them.  They weren't these thrown-together sheet metal constructions but meticulously engineered complexes of intricate and precise equipment that were the result of many, many years of evolving sciences, technologies, and engineering techniques.



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5 hours ago, HogHammer said:

@iDuckman, thanks for the video.  Amazing.  I checked out some of his other works, which are very impressive.  The one on Union Pacific's Big Boy is unreal, especially for anyone who is a train enthusiast.  Big thumbs up for the link 👍!

I saw that one too.  One of my guys is a train nut and I myself have stood and gawped at the size of the monster.  Steam locos are like living things.  In this case a large blue whale.



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