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Question about Arms Race


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I saw something today that has probably happened before, but I never picked up on it. Nearing the end of an Arms Race game and only the CV left which I was pummeling with my San Martin. Then it was over. There were 40 points on the Red scoreboard with only the Red CV alive, those 40 points rolled down to zero while the only Red ship remained alive. Looking at the replay someone had picked up a buff and the Red score clocked down to zero and the game was over, Red CV was still alive. Is this normal behaviour or is it a bug, I wasn't aware buffs took points off the Red score.

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18 hours ago, tocqueville8 said:

Each buff is +/-20 points.

Wondered the same thing.   Happen to know if the buffs help personal scores or not?  I don't really see a significant effect on score so it would appear that the best tactic in co-op is... NOBODY get buffs!

Thanks for the responses though, I've been wondering and just figured "bug" as usual.

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