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New! Tier 12 battleship


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Displacement: 90,516 t 

Waterline: 215.3m
Overall: 329.7m

Beam: 35.1m

Draft: 11.6m

Installed Power: 
212,000shp (158,000 kW)
8 Water-tube boilers

4 screws; 4 steam turbines

29 knots 


13,300km at 15 knots

~3,000 officers and men (Great War)
~1,500 officers and men (1970s)

5 × 16'' three-gun turrets
12 × 5'' two-gun turrets
17 × 30mm four-gun turrets
21 × .50cal two-gun turrets


my 12 choice

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21 minutes ago, kriegerfaust said:


my 12 choice

I'm thinking that Uchuu Senkan Yamato is more like Tier 20, at least.  🙂 

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It just dawned on me that this picture represents my perception of my BB when I yolo into a cap.

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2 hours ago, Justin_Simpleton said:

 I'm going to grind for this one.


Any T-9-10 Sub will still delete it from stealth,  shotgunning homing torps though. 🤣

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1 hour ago, pepe_trueno said:


This reminds me of the British idea to make ships out of an ice/sawdust block. It was impractical at the time (WWII), but is it now?

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9 minutes ago, VedranSeawolf359 said:

When and why it been removed from WoW?!


it was an aprils fool joke from WG... it never made it to the game 😅


with some luck it could become part of an scenario with the Tillman Battleships. 


Edited by pepe_trueno
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