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What is or are your favorite line(s) of the entire game and why?


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In my case my favorite battleship line would be the Vermont line because they have good endurance, good damage and I like the design.


For Aircraft Carriers it is the Midway line, because they have a consistent damage and their planes are quite durable.


From cruisers the Worcester line because of the damage it can cause if you give it the chance and the time.


Of the destroyers in this case there are 3 lines par excellence:

The first one I played and enjoyed was the Shimakaze, as it has good mobility, excellent concealment and very effective torpedoes.

The second line was the Gearing, a line in my opinion quite volatile, as it can be used as a gunboat and torpedo boat at the same time, it has a very good concealment.

And finally and the most surprising is the Yueyang line, a destroyer that is rarely seen but in experienced hands is capable of causing a disaster.

Many will say that its play style is similar to the Gearing line but it is very distant, due to its depth torpedoes, since it does practically nothing to other enemy destroyers, it forces you to play in a very different way than a conventional destroyer.

images (6) (5).jpeg

images (6) (6).jpeg

images (6) (7).jpeg

images (6) (8).jpeg

images (6) (9).jpeg

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The real reason Vermont lovers love Vermont: https://youtu.be/DpA2bMJlDpI?t=145

My call:

BB - German battlecruisers. As a mostly co-op player, I knew the minute I saw this thing in action that it had been created for my needs. However, for some reason the Vermont line really clicked with me - including my second grind through the Colorado. 

Cruisers: a difficult call, because I used to be a British CL main but now I play all nations. That being said, the Pan-Am cruisers are the grind that sticks in my more recent memory for being one of the easiest and most enjoyable. Asturias is giving them a run for their money, but we'll see how that continues at higher tiers. 

Destroyers: At Tier 7 or higher, it's hard to go past the British for their good guns and consumable utility. The French are also a lot of fun, but the fact that your opponents in co-op are literally aimbots and it's harder to juke shots tends to take them down a peg.

Carriers: Thus far, I've ground the British, the American and the Japanese carriers to Tier 10 and I found the Japanese grind overall to be the most pleasant. This is quite a surprise, actually, because at one point I became so disgusted with the Shokaku that I sold her. Not exactly sure what turned that around, but I changed my mind, bought her back and she was hella fun the second time. Now if only I could get consistent with the AP bombs...

Subs: These are in an odd place because I generally don't do well in them in co-op, and getting some of the Somme stuff done required me to power-grind in Randoms to a degree I didn't consider either healthy or advisable and I unlocked the Sturdy and U-190 much sooner than I ordinarily would have (I threw on blue XP boosters while I was grinding credits, because why not?). That being said, trying to scale that steep learning curve has helped quite a bit and I look forward to taking the Cachalot grind at a slower, more relaxed pace. 


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A lot of my favourite ships in the game are premiums (presumably no accident - trips to Madam Olga's won't fund themselves); of the silver lines:

  • DDs: probably the British, as they have a great combination of firepower and sneakiness (especially T8, and T9, although my Jutland is almost certainly Cursed); also, the defensive hydro that essentially runs for ever is magnificent. Honourable mention for the original EU line too.
  • CLs/CAs: I only really play these in Coop/Ops (I'm not good enough in cruisers to be useful against real people), but I tend to like a combination of guns, torps, and a healing potion; my favourites are probably one of/both of the British lines, although the newer Pan Am, and Spanish things are rather fun so far as well. This is one area where my favourite is almost certainly a premium though i.e. Atagos of various flavours/tiers.
  • BBs: probably the Germans (both lines, although I probably prefer the newer ones slightly); on the rare occasions I play BBs against real people, I get *very* bored with the whole 'not tanking' thing, and find the Germans are pretty good at working well at more manly play (and liking that style is why I don't usually play against real people!).
  • CVs: no strong views here really, as I almost never play them against real people, and only give them an occasional run out in Coop for missions.
  • SSs: I'm not a cat-shaving psychopath (as far as I know).
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CVs: Tie between the American and Japanese lines. I'm a student of the Pacific War, so the over-modelled "Armored Carriers" and the paper Russian and German lines are never going to do it for me.

BBs: Tie between the main American line and the Imperial German battlecruisers. They do very different things but do it well; I love the American Standards, but the line dips a bit the fast BBs before recovering with Montana. The Großer Kreuzer line is just fun end to end.

CAs: The IJN heavy line. I like dancing better than island hugging and they just seem to be better than the Germans - it's probably the torpedoes.

DDs: The only two I've really pushed hard are the British line and the IJN torpboats. The former are fun, the latter are very frustrating.

SSs: I've only gone up the American line, so I can't really compare. In theory the others should suit my style better, but can't say at this point.

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OP, this for me is one of the, if not THE hardest question when it comes to World of Warships! I'll try to answer your query based on my recent battles (with recent, I mean in battles in the past 2-3 months, both PVE and PVP). Note that I prefer battleships and cruisers over other ship types.


Co-op: Schlieffen line (German). Those secondaries are in fact the primary reason why this line is a ton of fun. 

PVP: Montana line (US). For some reason that I cannot articulate well, I enjoy playing the original US battleship line, particularly the Montana with her Unique Upgrade.


Co-op: Minotaur line (UK). Leander, Fiji, Neptune, and Minotaur. Very fun in PVE.

PVP: Des Moines line (US) and Petropavlovsk line (Russian). 

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  • CV = US line. Best overall line in game IMO. Effective vs all classes.
  • BB = US Montana Line. Just overall a good line. Nothing fancy, they don't need gimmicks to make them good like secondaries on roids, torps, reload boosters, special reprint your ship heals, etc... ; they are just good. Before the great CV Rebork their AA was a real bonus but even with it neutered as it is the BB's are still really good. Can't wait for Maine.
  • Cruiser = British CL's. I have always loved the BRN CL's. I even like Emerald. It's a line where, for me, the grind to T10 only has a couple road bumps (Danae and Neptune) and I fully enjoyed the rest. Fiji and Mino are 2 of my overall game favorites.
  • DD = this one is hard for me. Comes down to US vs IJN. Guess I will go IJN and include both sides of the split tech tree into a blanket line (probably cheating but I have both sides, and every DD line in game, done to T10 so doing it anyway LOL). Combining both sides of the split tech the tree into one combined line gives pew pew gunboats if needed as well as stealthy torp boats. US line is kind of a JOAT line which is why I like it so much. Can torp or pew pew quite well but IJN DD's are better based on the side of tech tree they are on and which trait you want.
  • Subs = none. Subs are nasty and don't belong in the game (as added anyway)
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CVs = got some, don't play them often enough to judge, Immelmann is one I seem to be little more than completely useless in.

BB  = IJN is the one I enjoy, KM is the one I do best in

Cruiser = US DM line, although my heart is in the UK CL line. Unlike Thunder I have a severe softspot for Danae (my highest damage in her is 140k IIRC).

DD = US, although I will reach for Haru for pew pew stuff.

Subs = not got any, played a game once on the live server and managed to get a zero damage game. 

5 hours ago, AdmiralThunder said:

Subs are nasty and don't belong in the game (as added anyway)

Couldn't put any better myself.

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What can I say but 



I only play in ranked, because I am an asshat as I like to be very annoying to the red DD


I hardly play these, maybe if I need secondairy hits but thats in co op, or I might play in randoms driving them straight into the cap, and play a law of averages over win loss, stupid thing is I rarely finish last on the board doing this.


Will only use a CA in co op (rarely) or in operation, again rarely.


Love the Yugimo double torp no smoke, the Assashio, Shima, Akizuki and Harigummo, Friesland, and some others but their time now is long past, I use others during things like asym battles where is just doesnt matter.


U2501 is my go to now, while it may not be everyones choice the dive time is what allows me to get things done

Thrasher is great in asym battles but rubbish in randoms

Balao I havent probably put as much time into it as I should, and now I have learnt more I probably would do a lot better in her

T8 usa is good but rarely play it now

As some might see I love using boats that torp things, this is why I love subs atm and my poor old DD's are collecting dust, because if you also noticed I like using stealthy ships, as there is nothing better than killing a red while never being seen, and subs allow me to be more stealthy, hence why I like the german U2501 so much.

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8 hours ago, Odinson said:

What is or are your favorite line(s) of the entire game and why?
In my case my favorite battleship line would be the Vermont line because they have good endurance, good damage and I like the design.  

I don't have a "favorite" ship line.
Each ship brings something to the table.
As a "Collector's Club" member, my eventual goal is to "catch 'em all" (like Pokemon).

As I've researched and unlocked various lines, I've occasionally been reminded of the phrase "for the man who has everything".
Ships are fun to play, sure. 
And some have facets of play that only get appreciated after becoming a more seasoned player.
But, when a player has a fleet of ships which can pretty much perform every role a mission might call for, the "something different" or "more challenging to play" aspects of some ships gain a certain appeal.

All of that being said, I have to be honest enough, with myself and all of you, to recognize that I'm not a fan of typical European DD torpedoes.
My pet peeve is that they don't pack enough of a "punch".

Your mileage may vary.  🙂

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USN heavy cruisers, no contest. 

I don't have all the USN Extended Standard line (Vermont) but given that I'm a fan of NewMex and Lolorado, and tend to use speed to get myself into trouble, I'd say that the line is a good candidate.  I really like French BBs, though. 

CVs, SSs, I know nothing about, except to warn my teammates that I have no clue what I'm doing.

When I play DD I tend to do okay, though I'm not sure why.  Again, USN or French.  Not IJN -- we don't get on.  I'd like to say Russian but .. uh .. Russian.


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