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Whats your tech tree go-to ship??


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Statistically, Yamato. Fusou and Nagato also come close. So far no tech tree cruiser I've played has really been fun enough for me that I'd want to play it a lot apart from the grinding process. Zao used to be like that, but she just fell off for me with fun factor. As for DDs, I've barely played enough of them to even have one via grinding.

The IJN BBs are probably top for me because they're just...generic BBs with p.much no gimmick, aside from maybe 'better long range gunnery'. So you don't have to have a more limited playstyle when you play them. I don't really like ships that force me to play a certain way, I prefer to remain flexible within a class.

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I mostly play premium ships, since I am all for economy and premium ships just earn more.

But given I had to pick a tech-tree ship I'd take Lightning. I could go by the battles played, but that is misleading. I play most battles on IJN-DDs, cause I regrind the line a lot, cause it is the least expensive to regrind. However, i do not particularly enjoy the ships that much, cause they don't fit my preferred playstyle around the caps. I also like the Jutland, but with the Somme there is no more reason to play it, since Somme is identical. That leaves the T8 ship in the line, a.k.a. the Lightning. I find it well-rounded. It has good gun-dpm, very good concealment, excellent maneuverability, dev-striking torpedo power for emergencies and a lot of smokes for those battles with CVs.

I even uploaded a battle some time ago, where I dodged around two CVs continuously trying to strike me, while still capping two caps.

In terms of utility and fun, Lightning is imo top.

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At the moment for cruisers I'm playing Petropavlovsk, trying to get her stats to an acceptable level. She's really nice with the LM and I think others should try grind her out. For battleships I'm switching between Montana and Yamato, two old gems still very strong in this day and age of the game.

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"Go to" for me means I need a ship for a particular mission.  As said above, I try to play premium ships for those missions due to the increased credit earning.  But, I do have a few tech tree ships that have held a place on my list:

  • Shimakaze - torpedo hits or spotting damage tasks
  • Yamato - main gun damage or potential damage tasks
  • Akizuki, Kitakaze, Harugumo - main gun hit tasks, especially if DD specific
  • Omaha - start fires tasks
  • Vermont - main gun damage or potential damage tasks
  • Konigsberg - citadel tasks.  This ship's AP is very good at it, especially against mid-tier cruisers.
  • Bismarck - secondary hits tasks
  • Schlieffen - secondary hits, potential damage, this ship does a lot well for a BB
  • Halland - torpedo hits and spotting damage.  Her high speed torps are just a lot of fun to play with, too, even if they are soft-hitting
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12 hours ago, Colonel Potter said:

This. Venezia is an awesome ship. It's my favorite I think, even after they nerfed it, it's still pretty dang good. But lately, I have been really enjoying the Castilla. Just find it quite fun to play.

Well, I am playing both with a lighthouse build...

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First I da say I dont really have any, used to be several silver ships I played semi-regurarly but since I realised I have freemiums that give even more resources for less effort and give me better WR in the process I relegated the powercrept garbage to snowflake duty (and yes that means they dont have modules on them 😆) BUT giving it some more thought maybe Akizuki...

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