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Jinan versus Balao


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A one-on-one fight between a DWT-armed light cruiser and a lethal submarine. (And some interesting in-game chat, courtesy of the enemy team. 😄)


It has been quite a long while since the last time I played the Jinan in Random Battles, and I have been sparsely playing Random Battles since Personal Challenges in Update 12.9 arrived as I did it all in Co-op and Operations. I decided to play the Jinan again, after seeing a post here on the forum equating the Pan-Asian light cruiser to the Smolensk.

I spawned near A, but the presence of the enemy Des Moines, supported by the aggressive enemy DD and submarine—on top of a CV—made any push very difficult. DDs are immune to Jinan's DWTs, and their enemy DD was playing it smart, giving his team early warning for the DWTs I launched to deny them control of A. After 13 minutes of trading ships and HP, all that was left near A was my Jinan and the enemy Balao.

And it was time to sink the submarine.

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