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1 hour ago, majmac said:

Has the price of the "India X-Ray" signal (increased fire chance) been increased recently?

I have not bought any for over a year, but the price seems higher now than when I once did.

The two increased fire flags have always been the most expensive of the regular battle flags.  Victor Lima is the most expensive, but I don't see a price increase for any of the resources you can use.

If you use those flags, save your 50% coupons for them.  Those and the speed flag are the ones I don't mind seeing in the nerf (super) crate.

If you don't use your community tokens for anything else, you can target certain flags (in sets) from there, but it's only 5 count of each flag at a time.

You can also get them for research points (worst deal ever), but if you don't use em... signals are not a bad choice among bad choices 🙂

Good luck!

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