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Farewell old friend (WoWS official forum)

Tpaktop2_1 NA

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It is sad to see an old, crotchety, and worthy friend go away. At first I took the WoWS forum news like the HMS Hood sinking.

Still as when a flag ship is taken out, command rolls over to the next available ship. May the new flag ship shine and give it “what for” in battle of the WoWS's future. Godspeed DevStrike.



wows forum2.jpg



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Sad to see the loss of such a valuable resource and community ... stupid move on Wargaming's part 😢

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Checking the old forums was part of my daily routine even if didn't have time to play any battles.  DevStrike has stepped up and is now in my daily routine.

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Personally ...

Yes.  I checked. 
And I saw the same "Forum Under Maintenance - Scheduled Work Being Carried Out" message that is depicted in a screen-shot from @Tpaktop2_1 NA

I was reminded of the Library of Alexandria and a scene from a Planet of the Apes movie.

I experienced sadness for some time.

And, like other milestones in my life, I'm glad of the good times that were shared and the good people who met each other during the sharing.

We're here now, and DevStrike is where we've landed-on-our-feet and are standing tall.

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