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A bit of my childhood died today - RIP Frank Howard

Tpaktop2_1 NA

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The one guy that got me interested in major league baseball has passed away today.


I remember as a child trading 4 baseball cards in getting his baseball card. I really like watching him making home runs. Even more when I met him in person at a restaurant/bar in 2006 or 2007. He was on a promotion tour with a local distillery. He went around shaking hands with everyone one in the place. I was stunned then as I was a child. His hands were huge and he was taller than I was. And I am a dude that is 6' 7" tall.  I will miss him along with others that I admired as a child. Rest in peace Hondo 😔


Update: I saw his 5 minute tribute on the World Series last night in the ninth inning. I would have expected more, but that's me.

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I got to see him play many years ago with the old Washington Senators. Tonight, while I'm watching the World Series, I'll be thinking of the man that pitchers called "Capital Punishment".

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