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Secondary Dispersion List

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I've been combing through data-mine resources for my Agincourt review, specifically looking at secondary accuracy (secondaries are an important feature on Agincourt).  While doing so, I started cataloguing and doing the math for secondary horizontal dispersion.  It was pretty eye opening.  To date, I've found seven distinct dispersion types.  This is by no means an exhaustive list but it should provide players with an idea of how "good" their secondary guns are on any given ship in the game.

See below for an explanation on each category.


FORMULA:  { [ (Range in km) x 57 ] + 30 }
Includes most secondaries in the game barring the ones listed below.

Soviet 130mm BL109A

FORMULA: { [ (Range in km) x 49 ] + 30 }
The secondaries on the tier X Soviet battleships and cruisers have slightly reduced dispersion.  This includes Moskva, Petropavlovsk, Stalingrad, Kremlin and Slava

German Battleships

FORMULA:  { [ (Range in km) x 45 ] + 30 }
German battleships received a buff with the commander skill rework.  It includes the following ships:

  • German tech tree battleships at tier VII+
  • The premiums Prinz Eitel Friedrich, Scharnhorst, Scharnhorst B, Tirpitz, Tirpitz B, Odin and Pommern


FORMULA:  { [ (Range in km) x 33 ] + 30 }
Long associated with Massachusetts, this dispersion type has existed for a while and is present on a long list of ships.

  • German tech tree aircraft carriers.
  • The premium & reward ships: Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Massachusetts B, Georgia, Ohio, Agincourt and Max Immelmann
  • The casemate mounts (only!) of Iron Duke, Warspite, Mutsu, Nagato, Ashitaka, Hyuga, Amagi, Kii, Ignis Purgatio and Ragnarok


There are a handful of exceptions out there.  In increasing order of accuracy they are:

  • FORMULA:  { [ (Range in km) x 27 ] + 30 } - Wichita's and Florida's 127mm/38 Mod 30 mounts specifically, not any of the others.
  • FORMULA:  { [ (Range in km) x 12 ] + 30 } - Pensacola
  • FORMULA:  { [ (Range in km) x 8.4 ] + 48 } - Graf Zeppelin & Arkansas Beta.  Note this is the same horizontal dispersion calculation for "battlecruiser" main battery guns, like Graf Spee, Thunderer and Georgia.

Depending on how much of a keener I'm being, I may add to this list as I find more.  If there's a specific ship you think should be on here, give me a shout.  I'll take a look.


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