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Before you Start - Important Information for Authors


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Thank you for contributing to the forum information repository. Please note:

Ensure the topic of your post aligns with the submission category.

The content of your work is your responsibility. Do not use illegal means to obtain content, or make use of illegal content. Ensure that your material complies with the Forum Rules. Do not simply duplicate copyrighted material - rewrite it, improve upon it, bring in more sources. Make it a better document. In the end, the work is yours - you retain copyright of your work.

Paste the contents of your document here, and select to retain formatting. Be aware of the image size restrictions that are in place.

An editor will appraise the work, and suitable material will be moved to the appropriate Reference section. You will be notified of the editor's decision.


Some helpful tips:

Give your work a short, interesting title.

Provide your in-game name as author, within the document

Use a structured approach: provide a brief introduction, followed by the body of material,  with a short summary or discussion after that. Where possible, include references to the original documents.

Scale your figures to fit site restrictions.


Do not discard your researched materials and links before editor approval of your work - an editor may contact you for further information.


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