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Old Forum - Can the Krasny Krym be re-evaluated by the WoWS developers for balance now?

Tpaktop2_1 NA

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Posted April 22, 2018 (edited) Added for the record of discussion from the old WoWS forum

Many changes have been done with the WoWs game mechanics with current and past update improvements. As such some ships IMO have fallen behind in being designed balance. For me I have noticed the Krasny Krym being a victim of change. She is not competitive at tier 6 and 7 matchmaking. Always a under performer in maneuvering, and gunnery for those tiers. She has a high detection range, poor range for guns, and torpedoes are only for defensive purposes.  The Krasny Krym has a sister ship, the tier 4 Svietlana and when comparing the two there is not much of a difference between them.

Svietlana and Krasny Krym comparisons

Ship name


Krasny Krym

Tier Level




22 100

25 100

Main battery



Maximum firing range 10 236

Maximum firing range 14 040


130 mm/55 Model 1913 ‎15 x 1 130 mm

130 mm/55 B-7 ‎9 x 1 130 mm



130 mm/55 Model 1913 ‎6 x 1 130 mm

Secondary armament





Maximum firing range 4 000



100 mm/50 Minisini gun ‎3 x 2 100 mm

Torpedo tubes




Maximum firing range 4000

Maximum firing range 4000


450 mm Goncharov Triple ‎4 x 3 450 mm

533 mm Triple 39-U ‎2 x 3 533 mm

Air defense




63.3 mm Model 1916 ‎4 x 1 63.3 mm

100 mm/50 Minisini gun ‎3 x 2 100 mm



37 mm 70-K ‎10 x 1 37 mm



12.7 mm DShK ‎4 x 1 12.7 mm



12.7 mm Vickers ‎2 x 4 12.7 mm

Maximum speed



Turning radius



Rudder shift time



Surface detectability range



Air detectability range



Experience Cost

7 100



740,000 credits

2,950 Doubloons

At most the Krasny Krym is like tier 4.5 with horrible MM. And I know that WG is not going to make a locked tier 5 matchmaking for this ship. From what I can suggest to balance, the Krasny Krym is to either reduce surface detection, give it smoke,  or bounce her to tier 4 from her present state. Because at tier 6 or 7 you are giving the ship easily to the enemy before the Krasny Krym can get into action. Unless that was its design intention to put teams at disadvantage all along. What do you guys think? Would you have better suggestions in improving the game balance of this ship?

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