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Old Forum - I find it weird that Benito Juárez Day is celebrated, but no Mexican premium ship

Tpaktop2_1 NA

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Posted March 15, 2022 (edited)

I find it weird that Benito Juárez Day is celebrated in WoWS, but no Mexican premium ship


There is a micro event going on here. Don't tell me the WG WoWS cookie cutter is broken. Where are the premium Mexican Fletcher's and Gearings?

Where are the (examples) :

ARM Cuauhtémoc (E01)
ARM Cuitláhuac (E01)
ARM Netzahualcóyotl (D-102)

Not that I am of Mexican heritage, but if you are going to do something, do it...

I don't understand how Brazil got a DD in WoWS and Mexico did not.

Update: Add to the irony of the event in getting a possible random draw reward of a French cruiser. Do you guys know Mexican history?

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