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Bypass procedures for the YouTube 3 strike ad rule

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You Tube (YT) is now detecting if you have an ad Blocker extension on your web browser. The end result is that you have three strikes before YT prevents you from seeing their videos. Reddit has a work around to bypass the YT detector.

It involves a software extension for the web browser called ublock origin. This is a free software and is opened sourced. You add it like any extension like Honey, etc. You add in the filters and then restart the web browser. The ublock origin filters bypasses the YT javascript search. After adding the filters as suggested, everything should start after a restart of the browser. At first it did not work for me since I had AdBlock Plus installed. Once AdBlock Plus was removed, then everything functions like normal without the YT ads.

Whether you object to this method, because YT ads controversy is taking money out of their hands, is your choice to decide. You can do the YT premium if you want. Me? I want things simple. I don't think YT is losing money off me. I have a YT channel were YT is making money off me because I cannot monetize the channel due to the lack of viewer volumes. I think we can balance it out there. Another item to note is that YT is in a partnership with AdBlock Plus. Its in the Google Play Store. So I am confused as to why YT is taking the route they are taking with the 3 strike ad rule. I guess someone wants a yacht for a YT Christmas. Let me know if this works for you.



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6 minutes ago, Tpaktop2_1 NA said:
2 hours ago, Wolfswetpaws said:

Perhaps this is a silly question, but, "Why not simply disable javascript in one's browser settings?"

I tired and then the Chrome browser shutdown on me. it would shown nothing. I guess Google was expecting this process too.


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Simple solution. Install the Brave browser. Problem solved.

I am using the Brave browser for 3 weeks now, not a single YT Adblock popup. 

No need to install/disable anything, it just works out of the "box".


For the Chrome users, Brave supports all your fav. Chrome extensions because the browser is based on the same "Chromium Architecture".




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