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It’s time to Release the Quacken!


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It’s time to Release the Quacken!


The Quacken
Beware the fearsome creature known as the Quacken, a monstrous hybrid that haunts the treacherous waters with its avian grace and tentacled menace, striking terror into the hearts of sailors brave enough to venture into its domain. With the body of a mighty duck, the writhing arms of an octopus, and a cute little hat, this maritime abomination is a nautical nightmare like no other. Most sailors don’t know that this elusive and terrifying beast has two different heads that share a single brain, but only one can be captain at a time.

Quacken Giveaway

Want a chance to win your very own physical Quacken plushy? Join the event below and complete at least one battle to be entered into a raffle for a reversible plushy stuffed Quacken. We’re also giving away several in-game “Unleash the Quacken!” Patches in random draws, and all participants will receive a Yellow expendable camouflage.

We reserve the right to replace physical items with in-game items depending on our reasonable ability to fulfill prize delivery. Physical prizes will only be shipped to winners located within most of the U.S.A./Canada. Players located outside these countries will receive a sum of Doubloons relative to the value of the prize.

Players can also get additional entries to the raffle by interacting with our Social Media posts about the event, through our Discord, and by tuning into our stream on Twitch.

Starts: Oct 25, 03:00 AM PT (UTC-7) / your local time: Oct 25, 06:00 AM
Ends: Nov 1, 12:00 AM PT (UTC-7) / your local time: Nov 1, 03:00 AM


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