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Celebrating Halloween in World of Warships - "Last Voyage of Transylvania"


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Celebrating Halloween in World of Warships - "Last Voyage of Transylvania"



It's Halloween season, which means that dark shadows are looming over us once again... Fight for the Forces of Light as they confront Rasputin’s dark army one final time in our new Operation!

Starts: Oct 25, 03:00 AM PT (UTC-7) / your local time: Oct 25, 06:00 AM
Ends: Nov 8, 01:00 AM PT (UTC-7) / your local time: Nov 8, 04:00 AM

The Last Voyage of Transylvania | Celebrating Halloween in World of Warships



The Heroes of Light entered the Land of Darkness and struck a devastating blow on dreadful Rasputin and his minions deep in the enemy's lair. But the Black Lair castle was left standing, and the Twilight Fleet was able to recover their losses with its aid. With its resources depleted after the long-running struggle against the Twilight Fleet and their security towers destroyed, Intania has found itself in a vulnerable position. The Supreme Council of Intania decided to resort to the power of mages and open a portal between the worlds to seek help in our world—and our people have agreed to help...

So sets the scene of our new Halloween Operation—the Last Voyage of Transylvania, the closing chapter of our epic saga about the fight between the Forces of Light and Darkness!

Transylvania is on a mission to deliver a special explosive payload to the Portal that leads to Rasputin’s world and destroy it once and for all. Help her reach her destination by protecting her from the Twilight Fleet’s brutal assault.

To learn more about the rules, possible rewards and other details ...

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