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About PASN

Ahoy, Captain!
Are You Ready For Battle?

PIRATE ASSASSINS play at lower tiers, mid, and even T10. Do not have a T8 or T10 ship? We could care less. Just have fun and enjoy blowing the crap out of ships. We are casual players who just really like the game. We are, first and foremost, a group of friends playing digital boats on a digital sea, either solo or divisions. 

The community currently consists of two communities - PASN and PASNA. PASNA is currently reserved only for newer (new to game) players to World of Warships while PASN hosts members with more experience in the game.  Players in PASNA can easily advance to PASN as they gain experience, or we will gladly recommend them to one of our associate clans.

Our rules are simple. Pirate Assassins clans encourage cordial and responsible behavior among all of our clan members. These rules are as follows - Verbal abuse is a no-no in this clan.  Do not be a racist, bigot, or otherwise generally stubborn.  A good attitude and friendly communication are a must. 

Our goal as a clan is simple.  We want you to learn, grow, and become a better player along the way as a member of Pirate Assassins.  We do want to help you.  So do not be afraid to ask for help or advice.  We also will include tips and learning suggestions along the way.  You and your family are the most important aspect of our clan.  You/they come first.  Remember, as a clan member, your priorities come first.  Happy, successful clan members equal a successful clan.

Teach1.thumb.jpg.009bf3a5d291caa78ac210b30c924535.jpg  Welcome aboard, Capt. Edward Teach

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