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Established for those interested in streaming content on various platforms such as Twitch or YouTube. New or veteran streamers are encouraged to provide their questions or relate their own experience. If you are a streamer, feel free to list it in our events. Our goal is to assist streamers in reaching and promoting their channel to their audience.



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  1. What's new in this clan/club
  2. come watch me trying german DD's and making a fool of myself
  3. like i mentioned before wolfie i tend to slouch in my chair so im slowly sliding away from my mic . ill have to keep an eye on that . since that stream ive slightly lowered the back ground voice over reduced the music a bit and increased my mic volume . my voice always sounds deeper than it actually is , either through the mic or video conference and on the phone
  4. Sure. Of course it would. But, recorded live from a remote source may be a different experience, because the glitches aren't from the source and are due to strange phenomena on the internet which interrupt the flow of data packets. In the past I've joked with @Ensign Cthulhu about the difficulties I have when watching his Twitch stream on my phone while I am in my car and away from my home's WiFi network. I joke that the import/export process of passing through Custom's at the Canadian border is slowing down the pixels of his video transmissions. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sometimes I have to use the "audio only" quality setting, in order to enjoy his Twitch stream while I'm on the road and depending upon cell-phone networks. Internet flow problems are not something the Twitch streamer is responsible for. They're like good/bad weather. But, other stuff, like your varying distance from your own microphone, is something that a Twitch streamer is responsible for. ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. like i said the setup is very basic enough to get it running im always doing tweeks to it i only do it for the fun of it and not for monetary gain .
  6. and yet it sounds fine to me when i watch the video back afterwords
  7. The music running in the background was beneficial. (When it stopped, I knew the screen-freeze was happening.) I don't mind Commander's Voices. I consider them to be a pleasant part of the game. But, it is your Twitch stream. So, adjust as you wish.
  8. What @Wolfswetpaws suggested, and observations from your stream are pretty spot on. Your voice volume was low (lower than your guest's - his level was fine). Probably need to increase the gain on your mic. There was some occasional buffering taking place in your stream. I, too, changed from auto to course to see if that would make any difference - it did not. I still got the occasional buffering. The event worked for me, so that's good. My only suggestion is to add your Twitch link to your message, too. Sometimes, folks just can't locate a join button. Adding it to your message is just insurance. They know exactly where to go.
  9. im never sitting in the same possition when im playing . i tend to slouch back all the time so im either close or im slowly sliding in my chair increasing my distance from my elgato 3 mic i dont speak softly i have a deep scottish accent but on mic it sounds deeper yes i was playing in divi with someone you also played clan battles with us @Wolfswetpaws ... scottish hammer music running in the background and you probbly heard the voiceover from the comander which i will reduce . i dont like seattle or wooster but atleast i can say i actually did it for the first time grinding from T1 - T10 in randoms only usually its a mix grind of mainly co-op and the odd randoms crap games last night but i had good company and a few colorful metaphors said thanks wolfie
  10. I had logged-in to my Twitch account earlier in the day and confirmed that I was "following" you and that I would be notified by my phone-app when you went live. Later in my evening, I checked my phone and found the notification. Then I viewed your stream. From my perspective, there were frequent screen-freezes. (To be fair, this happens when I watch @Ensign Cthulhu sometimes, too.) I tried to reduce the video quality (which usually helps when I watch @Ensign Cthulhu), but Twitch was only providing me with two options (Option 1 = "Auto", and Option 2 = the source resolution you were transmitting it, which apparently was 720p). You were streaming with at least one other person, and probably two other people, from what I could hear. ~ There were times when your voice was very low in volume. I was guessing this was due to one or both of the following phenomena. a). Distance from your mouth to the microphone had increased due to changes in body posture b). You were speaking more softly, because you were either thoughtful or fatigued. ~ When two or more people in your division spoke simultaneously, there was audio distortion (which is normal when audio signals compete for internet bandwidth). .... Reminded me of Citizens Band (CB) Radio conversations, and when people accidentally "talked-over" each other. ~ I could hear your team-mates well enough. One of them was especially loud & clear when speaking alone (without competition). ("Good job", for them! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) To resolve the possibly varying distance from your mouth to your microphone, during the stream-chat I suggested trying a headset with a boom microphone. If that doesn't solve the issue, then turning-up your microphone signal input is the next step. Also consider training yourself to speak like an enthusiastic news broadcaster. Their voices are strong (but not yelling) and they speak clearly enough for everyone to discern their words. (Granted, they usually go to specialized broadcast schools for that purpose.) For my first time viewing your stream, I figure there's plenty of solid effort to build with. ๐Ÿ™‚ The international internet bandwidth may be strained and that could be causing the frequent screen-freezes. It is also possible for internet demands within my home to be what's causing the screen-freezes. If my wife is watching ROKU television while her son is gaming on his console, the home's router may be hitting its limits. Which wouldn't be your fault. ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. yeah it worked had @Wolfswetpaws, @SonOvAHooky and yourself @HogHammer thanks guys for turning up watching me play seattle verry badly . i hate those guns . i did do a lot of fire damage on wisconsins when he was coming for me near the end but he sunk before i did above all else i did my best to keep my P's & Q's but i hate randoms i hate those high shell arcs not just on the light cruiser line but the DD's also thanks guys for coming
  12. Grumpy old scotsman just having something to do beware of the colorful metafores coming out of my mouth ( constant swearing ) very basic stream setup and my voice aint this deep in real life
  13. Yeah for now I just need a free software. I am in no way a professional and just stream for fun. Maybe in the future if I get more viewers I might try more advanced things but for now what I am doing is ok.
  14. Iโ€™ve done some test streaming stuff with OBS studio in the past, but I mostly use it for recording. I havenโ€™t really done a lot of experimenting with Streamlabs, but I know a lot of people use that (if they donโ€™t use OBS studio). Streamlabs is a bit less customizable from what Iโ€™ve heard, and is more resource hungry. But it is more streamlined. OBS has more options for customization (and is free whereas Streamlabs has the paid subscription tiers) and is less likely to lag your system/stream. But that customization comes with complexity and less streamlining if you really want to dig into it.
  15. I use OBS and yeah. It was pretty good, I had a friend help me set it up.
  16. obs has to many windows open so went for streamlabs there tutorials can help you set it up very basic like what i have here is my link Gaelic_knight - Twitch
  17. Is setup pretty easy with Streamlabs? I originally looked at it but opted for Twitch Studio because I was in a rush and needed something dumbed down. Are you running any add-ons with it?
  18. DevStrikeForum - Twitch This link should work for you.
  19. i use a basic setup with streamlabs PC HARDWARE ROG STRIX B450 motherboard RYZEN 5 3600 ASUS Geforce RTX 2060 super ( 8mb ) corsair RGB 32mb memory ( 2x16mb ) Blackweb Mechanical keyboard with backlights Thermatake Gaming mouse Blackweb Ear Bud's and alternative sony bluetooth earbud's 23" ACER monitor 21" ASUS monitor ALURATEK AWC03F 1080p HD webcam Elgato Wave 3 mic Elgato stream Deck Elagto Wave Mic Arm LP
  20. To create an event (announcement) of your live stream follow the steps below: Within the "ClanBase" go to "Streamer Resources and Events". When you arrive you will see the banners at the top and just below the following - "Overview", "Discussion-Q&A-Helpful Tips" and "Events" tabs. Click on "Events". Once there, at the top right-hand corner, you will see a "Create" pull-down menu. Pick "Event" From there, you will see (below) the select calendar pull-down. Pick "Selected Streams" then hit continue. This will take you to "Add Calendar Event". The setup is pretty straightforward. In the "Event Start" pick the date and time your stream begins. You will also notice "Event Time Zone". Pick YOUR time zone. Once your time zone is entered, it will automatically adjust to any timezone forum members are located. Pick your "Event End". Pick the overall length of your stream (this does not have to be exact, give yourself a little extra if needed). From here type in your stream title and any description. You can use Twitch links in the description. You can also select "Online Event" if you wish and enter the URL for the Twitch or YouTube stream. When done, hit "Submit an event". You just completed your event which will be displayed in the events section. You are also more than welcome just to post in general or both if you wish.
  21. I stream Twitch & YouTube through my browser (Microsoft Edge). Works okay.
  22. The only DevStrike, that I could find on Twitch (just now) is " devstrik ". Is that the correct Twitch channel? Is there a misspelling? Edit: I was able to find the DevStrikeForum channel by being more persistent. I had to completely type out the word devstrikeforum, though.
  23. Since DevStrike! does have a Twitch channel DevStrikeForum - Twitch , I have many questions. I would like to hear what others use as software to stream to Twitch. Being new to this, I have lots of questions, and I'm sure others do, too. Right now, we have it set up on Twitch Studio. I have looked at the other software available, and because I don't know Jack, this, to me, was about as straightforward as possible. Most of the software available seems to be based on vanilla OBS, as does Twitch Studio. Right now, our channel is more about promoting various streamers and is more of a placeholder until the time comes when we stream training events or other possible gameplay, such as Operations, Special game modes, etc. By the way, I have a few of you listed as "suggested" streamers. If you would like your stream added to the list, just let me know. The list currently has the following - On the main page, if you are live, you show up at the front of the list as shown below - Plus, your stream is shown live in a window above with a link to your live stream.
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