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    • Wolfswetpaws
      Specifically https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/547  
    • thornzero
    • Nevermore135
      I was mildly surprised when I read that this port was only temporary because it’s obvious a lot of work went into it. I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t a part of the reason the collaboration was delayed. I suspect that there are some on the team that are big fans, because this has all the marks of a passion project.
    • Wolfswetpaws
      The USS Massachusetts took damage during the battle of Casablanca. Some of the exploded warheads were kept and preserved as museum exhibits. There is at least one compartment where the original shrapnel damage is documented by red paint marks on the otherwise grey painted walls. Some shrapnel hits are similarly marked with red paint on the exterior of the superstructure. And there is a hull plate with a hole through it, made by a projectile, preserved in the compartment that was hit and subsequently marked with red paint. Some web pages with photos. https://www.amis30porboston.com/2016/07/visita-uss-massachusetts-museo-Battleship-Cove.html https://www.tonyrogers.com/images/2004_uss_mass/index.htm "Fragment of a 16 inch shell fired by the USS Massachusetts (BB-59), later recovered from 60 feet below the armored deck of the Vichy battleship Jean Bart" https://www.pinterest.com.mx/pin/348184614940620043/    
    • Jakob Knight
      Even if they had to get rid of the Bridge, I really, REALLY wish they could keep Vulcan.  The music together with the landscape, lighting, and wind make it one of the best ports I've experienced in the game.  The modeling department knocked it out of the park on that part of it.    
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