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    • Wulf_Ace
      now just need to learn every ship in the game what armor they have 😄 would you like made a chart like this for bow armor of tier 10 cruisers and bbs?
    • HogHammer
    • Mono_De_Mantequilla
      As long as we are talking about Asymmetric Battles...
    • mashed68
      Ahh that makes sense. 
    • Asym
      I didn't analyze anything....  What I stated is my "opinion" which is based on over two decades seriously looking at Military-style games and how they age....  There aren't enough players in the early morning hours to even have an all human COOP match anymore...  I am reporting what I believe is the issue based on the observation of "game cycles as the game matures..."  So, if we have a stalled population and are experiencing Stomps and don't have a SBMM - we have a left skewed population that, when the MM throws bodies at a match, one side simply doesn't have enough experience or skills not to create a cascading error event.  And, every match I have accidentally loaded into, since I stopped play PVP, has been a one-sided stomp with, a one-handed PVE main being in the top three of a losing Random match.... We are well beyond a SBMM.  We really don't have the player numbers to make that work; nor, have a solid definition of a hard metric that could measure skill....  Some games have Combat Effectiveness (CE) metrics they use.... Appreciate the conversation.
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